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> Hey;) Just wanted to ask you. Is amibench2 still a long way? I'm fed up
> with eBay and many Amiga users are as you can see on some posts on
> forums, so I don't think it's a waste of time in case you abandoned the
> project.

Yes AmiBench 2 will happen. When is an answer I cant give you. One of the reasons behind the lack of AmiBench 2 is time commitments. I am a very busy person now days so dont have the time I used to have to work on AmiBench 2 along with its coding partners.

Obviously it would speed things up alot if I could pay the lead coder who is now a Student at University. (which also accounts for another main reason why its very slow going.) AmiBench is basically run by me alone I cant code php or perl so I have to ask other people to do it. AmiBech has always worked like this. We were let down once by a coder who wrote a site and then refused to give us the code (and eventually used it on another project (along with all the ideas we had came up with) for it).

So yes it will happen. When. Who knows. Look to the stars for guidence!


Mark 'tecno' Wilson : Team Member of AmiBench

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